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Package Options

Truss Options

Build your stage from the ground up! We offer multiple trussing options and can build custom stages

Lighting Packages

Pick and choose your favorite lights to make the event shine. Click the link to learn more

ProLux Systems

Find the perfect stage for your event! We've created some package options as a guideline for you to get started. Feel free to ask for one of our pre-made systems, or create your own! We're happy to design custom stages for any event. Scroll down to check out our ProLux Systems!


Our Gold System is a great production for medium to larger stage sizes. Supported by our lite truss system which is 10 ft wide and can reach up to 12 ft tall.

Suspended on the truss are: 8 LED Moving Heads; 4 LED Bar Lights; and 6 RGB Spot Lights. Included with all of our systems are the ProLux Towers: 5ft tall towers that fill the room with synced color and strobe effects.


Our Diamond System is the first step towards larger productions. Our large truss system is 12ft wide, capable of reaching up to 15 ft in height.

    Featured in this set up are 4 LED moving head beams, which captivate the audience with an array of motions and color patterns; paired with 2 multi-use Swarm 5FX fixtures, which supply a unique RGB disco ball effect, strobes, and RG laser features. 


Gain the feel of our full set up for a more affordable price with our Platinum System.

    We double up on our moving head units and LED bar lights. With side stand/trusses, the stage can be expanded around the audience; immersing them in a full musical/visual experience.


The full works! Everything puzzled into one incredible display. The ProLux System features multiple trusses and wings; bringing new depth and dimension to the stage.

    Here our full programming is in play, with all 8 moving heads; 8 LED Pars; 6 LED Bars; and everything from our previous systems. Perfect for large music events, concerts, and festivals.


Bring the best experience to your audience with our ProLux System Plus! In addition to the ProLux System, we team up with graphic artists to project live visuals on a screen behind the performer or a wall.

We can display any text, pictures/videos or logos! Contact us for more details

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