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Venue Installation

Transform Your Venue

At ProLux, we believe in the potential of every space. Whether it is a bar, nightclub, restaurant, music venue or concert hall; we can take your vision and create it.

Looking for ambiance? Add small hints of lighting for a cool, laid-back, atmosphere; allow your guests to see each other without blinding white lights. Or go full-out and bring your venue into 2024 with the latest in lighting technology and control systems.

If your dreams are far or near, we can help you achieve the look, feel, and sound you've always wanted.


The foundation of stage lighting. DMX Fixtures are your classic stage lights; Pars, Washes, Moving Heads, LED Bars, etc. all operate via DMX controls.We install DMX Fixtures, and program these lights into your existing (or new) control system. Contact us to see how we can help!

Lighting Packages

The most-important part of any music venue/bar is how it sounds! Audiences are attacted to quality, full-spectrum sound systems.


We install top-quality gear and collaborate with some of the best audio engineers in Michigan! From tuning existing systems, to installing the latest and greatest. We can help you achieve incredible sound in your space. Contact us for more information 

Lighting Packages

Embrace the future with our modern & professional LED Installations. There is no other company in the midwest that has built to the scale we do. We offer some of the most intricate, elaborate, and customizable LED systems in the USA.


Any idea(s) you have, please contact us. We are very excited to take on any new/challenging projects

Lighting Packages
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